Important CCX Webscan Update

Bank of George is pleased to announce it is updating Commercial Capture Xpress (CCX) to improve WebScan functionality. Effective October 5th, 2017, the new version of WebScan will be released and available for use. If your WebScan version is configured with the update URL, you will be prompted to download and install the newest version of the WebScan utility upon opening the application. If your WebScan version does not prompt you to update, please download and install the latest version of WebScan to ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of the software for CCX. This newest version of WebScan addresses the following issues:

·         Server Code Error 002

o    A fix has been applied to allow large size checks to be scanned into the application. Depending on the check, the MICR line may need to be edited so that the batch can be completed

·         TWAIN Messaging

o    Confusing message when TWAIN is not available

·         URL Configuration During Install

o    Closing the URL configuration during installation prevents WebScan from running

·         Multiple WebScan Instances

o    Resolved having multiple instances of WebScan open

·         Update URL Setting

o    Update URL no longer supports case sensitivity

·         Duplicatation after 101 items

o    Resolved issue WebScan and SmartSource creating duplicates after 101 items

Some usability additions have been made to the Updater Settings section, which now provides a status of the update URL.

If your WebScan version is configured already with the update URL it will automatically prompt you to download the newest version. If you select ‘yes’ the software will take you through the upgrade process. If you select ‘no’ you will be able to continue to use the software but will be prompted every 6 hours and on WebScan startup to upgrade. Download time for the upgrade is dependent on available bandwidth, however, the upgrade package is small (7.4MB) so it should not take long. Overall the upgrade should take less than one to two minutes. Be sure that the user performing the update has installation privileges on the workstation to complete this process.

Below are links to two documents that may be beneficial in helping you with upgrading your CCX workstations:


  • Install Assistant User Guide – Document outlining procedures for to use an “Install Assistant” utility that will guide you through automatically installing both scanner drivers and/or WebScan on to your workstations. 



If you have questions during the upgrade process we encourage you to contact your banking office, or you can email us at