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Loans and Credit

Short term loans designed to stabilize the company cash flow while collecting the Accounts Receivable.

Loans secured by Inventory that are designed to ease demand on liquidity.

Loans with fixed payments, typically used to accommodate longer term debt.

Loans specifically designed to finance the purchase of real estate or refinance existing loans on real estate.

Credit facility designed to accommodate the acquisition of equipment for a specific time period.

Custom designed loans tailored to accommodate professional financing needs such as: Purchasing a practice. Expansion of an existing practice. Adding new equipment. Adding a new partner or buying out an existing practitioner.

A loan designed to provide easy access to funds; interest is paid only on the portion of your line that you're using. Advances, drawdowns, and repayments are available during the term of your loan. A revolving line of credit is a flexible option that can be used to manage your personal and\or business cash flow(s).

Loans with federal government assistance for qualified borrowers.